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Death has a curious way of reshuffling one's priorities. — Jack Sparrow

Do you remember the first perfume that marked you as a child?
Eau Dynamisante, of Clarins. When we would go out on vacation my mother would perfume a hankerchief and put it on the suitcase in order for the aroma to accompany us. Also, I used to sleep with a doll and I would not let my mom wash it. It got very smudged but I loved how it smelled.

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Do you miss the Harry Potter gang?
We run into each other once in a while. It was just a really beautiful experience to be part of the group. I was lucky because there were a few other actors that entered the production of the saga as the same time as me, we were all new together, and it was a bit like in school; you are quite happy when there are new faces around. They were really nice to me.

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Keira Knightley - Vanity Fair TIFF 2014 Portrait

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Benedict and Keira being cute and adorable together
- TIFF The Imitation Game press conference

Happy 23rd Birthday Evanna Lynch! (07.16.1991)

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Clémence Poésy - Pablo - Autumn/Winter 2014

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The truth is that I’m genuinely a shy, socially awkward, introverted person. At a big party, I’m like Bambi in the headlights. I feel a pressure when I’m meeting new people because I’m aware of their expectations.That makes socializing difficult. Which isn’t to say that when I’m in a small group and around my friends, I don’t love to dance and be extroverted. I am just extremely self-conscious in public.

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