shine a little light
Lera | 18 | Russia

Death has a curious way of reshuffling one's priorities. — Jack Sparrow

my lovely allison to my lydia
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Next time you guys have your little dirty thoughts about each other, you better be thinking about me too… ‘cause I ain’t going nowhere.

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He's a beast.
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krisho graphics inspired by lyrics/fics » dedicated to dee

Track 08 | EXO  | Overdose

Too much, it’s you, your love, this is overdose

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BTS → Just One Day

I know, I neglected you because of my dream.
Then give me just one day, even if it’s in a dream.
I used the facts as excuses, swallowing the many
words I said but let me make up to you.

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"Home" is where my friends are. I’ll always call Australia home, because that’s where my family is. My mother and my brother are there, and all my cousins. They’ve all gotten married and they’re settling down and having families. That’s really my family home. I go there to reset every year, when I go for Christmas. I’d say L.A. has really become my home, but I feel really driftless at the moment. I feel like a real gypsy. I’m hoping in the next couple years I’ll find a home base and really settle in. I’ve moved nine or ten times in the last four years, and I want a place that’s mine.

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We’re with you whatever happens.